10 French Phrases for Surviving ACPA Montreal

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ACPA Montreal is just around the corner. As a resident of Montreal I can’t wait to welcome you all to this great city. Montreal is one of Canada’s premier French cities. Although many of us do speak English here, knowing a little French will make your convention experience that much more enjoyable. You don’t have to bother with an English/French dictionary, all you need to survive in Montreal are the following 10 French Phrases:


Pronounced: “Boh-zhoor,” this is the traditional French greeting. It means “Hello.”

“Comment ça va?” + “Bon. Merci et toi?”

Pronounced: “Comma sah vah,” this phrase asks the question “How are you.” The traditional response to this question is “Bon. Merci, et toi?” Which means, “Good. Thank you, and you?” It is pronounced, “Boh mehr-see eh twah.”

“Où sont les toilettes?”

This is an important phrase. It means “Where are the bathrooms?” It’s pronounced, “Ooh sohN ley twah-leht.”


Pronounced, “Mehr-see.” This means “Thank you.”

“Oui” “Non”

These mean “Yes and No”. They’re pronounced, “We” and “Noh”.

“S’il vous plaît”

It might seem odd that a whole phrase is used for one word but s’il vous plaît is how you say “please,” in French. It’s pronounced, “Seel vooh pleh”.

“Parlez-vous anglais?”

Meaning, “Do you speak English?” This is pretty important if you need someone to understand you or you need to understand them. It’s pronounced, “Ehs-kuh vooh pahr-ley ahN-gleh?”

“Où est-ce que je peux trouver un plan de la ville?”

This phrase is essential for navigating around the city. It means, “Where can I find a map of the city?” In Montreal, many street corners feature a large map so you can see what’s around you and how to get places. To ask someone on the street where you can find a map of the city say, “Ooh ehs-kuh jhuh puh trooh-vey  uhN plahn duh lah siteh?”

“Je cherche le bus/train/métro. Où est l’arrêt le plus près?”

This is another important one for getting around. It means, “I’m looking for the bus/train/metro. Where is the nearest stop?” The pronunciation is, “Jhuh sheh-rshe luh bus/train/metro. Ooh ehs-lah-reh luh plew preh?”

“Où est le Palais des congrès?”

Since ACPA Montreal is taking place at le Palais des congrès, this is probably the most important phrase to know. It means, “Where is the Palais des congrès?” It’s pronounced, “Ooh ehs-luh Pahlay day cohn-grey?” *** I hope these phrases help you enjoy your time at ACPA Montreal. We look forward to seeing you soon!  

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