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Ready Education Response to COVID-19 Outbreak

By: Ready Education on Mar 12, 2020 1:54:00 PM
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Ready Education is Committed to Helping Institutions Stay Connected to Their Students Amid Corona Virus Outbreak

As world health practitioners respond to the COVID-19 crisis, READY Education is responding with efforts to ensure continued and uninterrupted service of our campus partners’ systems. In addition, our team of Customer Success Consultants are working diligently to deliver rapid-response toolkits and build mobile communication strategies with universities and colleges to support their crisis planning.

“Creating a connected campus experience is core to our mobile-centric Connection Platform.  Many of our campus partners have developed their own crisis plans leveraging our technology to help them communicate and disseminate critical updates. Campus partners are already seeing a tremendous level of real-time interactions through the campus wall.“  Gary Fortier, CEO, READY Education

We are committed to supporting our campus partners throughout this journey, as well as actively working with new institutions to accelerate deployment of our campus technology. Our Campus Success Consultants and Technical Support teams are available to work with administrators to develop virtual response strategies designed to maximize out-of-classroom communication and engagement.

Keeping everyone connected

As a mobile-centric, digital technology, the Ready Connection Platform is already well-equipped for this situation.  The Campus app supports several critical on-time communication and engagement functions that are helping institutions stay connected with their campus environment.

  • Student Toolkit for COVID-19
    Centralizing information in a place students actively engage with (mobile) helps prevent the spread of misinformation and keeps students prepared. Several of our campuses have already published homegrown modules to provide information to students. To support this effort, we have adapted information from the official CDC database and created a Student Toolkit for COVID-19 that can be easily integrated into the Campus App.

  • Stay Connected through Emergencies
    Maximize the reach of your  campus-wide announcements by leveraging the emergency notifications on your mobile app.  There is no better way to stay informed in a timely manner.

  • Course Discussions and Announcements
    As we see an increased number of partners moving to virtual lectures during the outbreak, faculty and students are continuing their academic conversations through their LMS. Your LMS integrations allow students to directly receive their communications on their campus app.

  • Campus Community
    The Ready social features allow your campus to maintain an active community while online and improves their understanding of the COVID-19 situation whether they’re on or off campus.

  • Emergency Notifications
    An improved emergency notification system improves the delivery of important information to your students. The Ready emergency notifications system allows targeting of different users on the platform whether by campus or student/staff. With scheduling and pre-created templates, your team will also be able to respond to developing situations more promptly.

  • Improved Discussions and Announcements
    Redesigned and optimized for your students, course discussion and announcements on Ready brings an improved experience for your online students and keeps them focused to meet their academic goals.

  • Ensuring Durability and Availability
    By leveraging Amazon’s RDS Multi-Availability Zone Deployments, the READY platform disaster recovery protocol can be initiated with minimal to no downtime (failover is handled by Aurora, and will typically be completed within 30 seconds).

Higher education is being challenged with a global crisis and READY Education is here to help institutions remain operational and keep students engaged.

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