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Today's higher education institutions make use of many different digital platforms in order to run their campuses smoothly and efficiently. However, when an institution relies on several unconnected platforms, efficiency becomes a challenge. OOHLALA Mobile provides a mobile-first platform that helps institutions engage their students by integrating with their current digital platforms, now including Campus Labs' Engage as well. As a result, your campus app can now seamlessly integrate with Engage to allow clubs and organizations (and the events they host) to appear on your student's devices. What is Integration? Integration works by setting up a backend connection between your Campus Labs Engage software and your campus app. This allows OOHLALA to pull in content and keep it in sync between both platforms. For example, if you add a new club on Engage, it will automatically appear on your campus app. The same thing is true for events hosted by clubs; the event will appear in the app automatically and stay updated with any changes that occur in Engage.

How Does it Look?

Here is how your campus app will bring in the Engage events:
Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 9.41.53 AM
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 Seamlessly available for students on their campus app

App Campus Events List

Integrating in 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Ask your Engage manager for an API Key. Step 2: Contact your OOHLALA Customer Success Specialist. Step 3: Our Integrations Team will get you set up in no time! Why Integrate Systems? The main benefit to integrating your campus app and Engage is that you can have two platforms that specialize in different aspects of engaging students working together seamlessly. By doing this, you will reduce the workload for staff and promote engagement opportunities. Briefly, through integration your campus has the ability to become more efficient by linking all of your platforms into one convenient mobile application. Click here to get in touch and get started with your campus integration.

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