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Introducing Ready Education’s new CCO - Antoine (Andy) Kearney

By: Ready Education on Sep 21, 2023 9:15:00 AM
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We are thrilled to announce that we have a new Chief Client Officer (CCO) joining the Ready Education team: Antoine (Andy) Kearney!

Andy is a proven cross-enterprise leader with more than 28 years of experience within the education technology sector. His multicultural Lebanese/French and Hungarian background combined with his fluency in French and Spanish are key factors that have led to his passion and success in working with and leading global teams to build and deploy repeatable, scalable, customer-centric strategies for higher education. Having worked at 3 institutions and consulting for more than 150 institutions from Latin America to Australia, Andy also brings his practical knowledge and expertise to his role at Ready.    

Leading the go-to-market and client success teams, Andy will align Ready’s strategy and operations with the needs and expectations of universities and colleges around the globe to ensure we deliver the best possible solutions that truly align to outcomes for the higher ed community. 

Andy is passionate about collaboration and relationship building and believes that it is the key to success in any business. He is excited to join our company and share his vision and expertise with us.  Andy is  looking forward to collaborating and partnering with our talented team to further evolve the people, processes, and technology at Ready that continue to make a lasting impact to the global higher-ed ecosystem.  

“I'm thrilled to join the team as the new Chief Client Officer. As a first generation college student who is active with my alma-mater and supports a number of colleges and universities around the world, I personally identify with the company's vision, values and culture. Furthermore, I am excited to contribute to our growth and success. My role is to ensure we market, sell and deliver exceptional solutions, services, and value  to our clients, and that we build strong and lasting relationships with them. I look forward to working with and learning from this exceptional team. Together, we will make a positive impact in our industry and its future alumni and leaders; the students we ultimately serve.”  Andy Kearney

Please join us in welcoming Andy to our company and wishing him all the best in his new role. We are confident that he will be a great asset to our organization. 

Welcome aboard Andy!