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Ready Education Now Fully Integrated with Canvas LMS

By: Admin on Nov 9, 2017 6:55:00 AM
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Ready Education partners with Instructure’s leading learning management system to integrate course content and schedules into streamlined, mobile-friendly student portal

MONTREAL—Ready Education, which partners with colleges and universities to develop mobile apps that improve student engagement and retention, today announced that it has fully integrated with Instructure’s Canvas learning management system (LMS). Ready Education's integration with one of the fastest-growing LMS providers will enable students at hundreds of higher education institutions to access course calendars, assignments, and gradebooks, in addition to non-academic resources, through a single source.

“We see increasing interest from faculty and students alike in making courses and assignments more readily available on mobile devices,” said Melissa Loble, vice president of platform and partnerships at Instructure. “Our integration with the Ready Education platform will provide students with access to the key academic information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.”

Nearly 90 percent of all college students own smartphones, and the majority of undergraduates complete some coursework on a mobile device. As mobile phones quickly become one of the primary devices used for learning, colleges and universities are increasingly seeking mobile-friendly interfaces and strategies to help students engage in their coursework and persist in their studies.

“For many undergraduates, smartphones are the primary access point for not just social and extracurricular information, but also academics,” said Danial Jameel, Co-Founder and CEO of Ready Education. “As more students use mobile devices to complete assignments and check in with professors, it’s increasingly important to integrate academic resources directly into the campus app to keep students on track and ensure a seamless experience.”

According to research from e-Literate, Instructure is among the fastest-growing providers of learning management systems, winning nearly 80 percent of new higher education implementations in 2016. This year, Canvas by Instructure was the fastest-growing LMS for the sixth consecutive year.

The Ready Education app uses native mobile technology – including smart calendars, customizable alerts, and GPS navigation – to help students manage academic calendars, access class resources, and find comprehensive information on campus services through a single sign-on solution. Faculty and advisors can also use the app, which is available for free in the iTunes or Google Play stores, to gather real-time data on student engagement and satisfaction at events, activities, and campus services.