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Partnership: San Jose State University

By: Admin on Jul 13, 2017 5:25:00 AM
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Partnership with Ready Education’s popular student affairs platform will help students navigate the complexities of campus life

SAN JOSE, CA – July 13, 2017 – San Jose State University today announced a partnership with Ready Education, a mobile app used by hundreds of colleges and universities worldwide to improve student engagement and retention. The platform will enable the 33,000 students on San Jose State’s urban campus to access course information, communicate with peers and advisors, receive updates from student organizations, and learn about campus events directly from their mobile devices. “At San Jose State, we serve a diverse student body that includes commuters, working students, and a large graduate and international population, as well as traditional first-year students and transfers,” said Sonja Daniels, Associate Vice President for Campus Life at San Jose State University. “Our goal is to help all students, especially those who are balancing multiple responsibilities, engage in campus life and the many opportunities available outside of the classroom. Mobile apps allow students to communicate and access information quickly and easily, helping us build a campus community that brings together students from all backgrounds. Research suggests that up to 4 in 10 low-income students who are accepted to college never matriculate, as they struggle to navigate the complexities of the transition to college. In an initial pilot study at Lindsey Wilson College in Kentucky, first-year students who used the Ready Education app were 17% more likely to return after the fall semester than those who did not.

"Mobile apps allow students to communicate and access information quickly and easily, helping us build a campus community that brings together students from all backgrounds." - Sonja Daniels - Associate Vice-President for Campus Life

“The ubiquity of smartphones on campus provides a unique opportunity for colleges to engage students using concepts familiar from consumer apps -- as engagement grows, we’re generating data that is helping university leaders to improve the campus experience,” said Danial Jameel, Co-Founder and CEO of Ready Education and a former student affairs professional at the University of Toronto. “The San Jose State team is committed to helping their diverse cross-section of students succeed, and we’re excited to work with them to bring mobile technology to bear on the challenges of student engagement and retention.” Developed by a team of recent college grads, student affairs leaders, engineers, and researchers, Ready Education uses smart calendars, real-time feedback tools, and machine learning to streamline the campus experience for college students. The app, which is available for free to students through the iTunes App Store and Google Play, integrates directly with existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Student Information Systems (SIS), providing a single platform for students to access information about courses, events, and out-of-class support services. The founding institution of the 23-campus California State University system, San Jose State is the oldest public college on the west coast and serves one of the nation’s most ethnically diverse student populations. The university serves a student body of 33,000, 4,200 of whom live on campus. With a top-ranked computer engineering program, the university sends more alumni to Silicon Valley tech firms than any other institution in the country. 

About Ready Education:  Ready Education, founded by student affairs professionals, is the fastest growing student engagement, retention and assessment platform. The platform is designed to support student success by unifying campus resources – LMS, co-curricular, athletics, clubs/orgs, events and many more – within a branded, integrated, college app. Over 200 institutions have joined the Ready Education family, connecting hundreds of thousands of students with their administrators, their campus, and most importantly, their peers. For more information, visit