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...and student engagement is what's up!

A student engagement survey involving more than 15,000 students across 77 institutions throughout Canada and the U.S provided us with some insight into how a mobile app can promote efficacy and strengthen campus connections among users. We’ve compiled a short list outlining three key ways students utilize and benefit from a mobile app. Because, who doesn’t love a good list, right?

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OOHLALA Mobile Survey Results[/caption]

A mobile platform allows students to…

1/ Become active participants in their campus experience; seeking out the tools, resources, and support that will help them thrive.

As students engage with their institutional services they quickly get a sense of how the app can be seamlessly embedded within their daily lives, and utilize it as a platform to ask questions. Sometimes the sheer wealth of campus services available can be overwhelming for students. Just as we often rely on GPS systems within our mobile devices to navigate the world (or simply locate the closest Starbucks), implementing the same feature- among others- in order to scope out campus resources, seems like the natural choice. 8 out of every 10 students who reported using our app to discover campus services would agree!

2/ Establish, develop, and utilize social connections throughout their academic careers.

To repeat what the Beatles have been telling us for years: we get by with a little help from our friends. Whether seeking out new friends and potential study partners, sharing class calendars, or expanding support networks via the campus wall, there is no shortage of social connection- both within and outside of the classroom. Sure, we know that an app can help students make friends, but the question is, would users recommend the app to a friend? 9 out of every 10 students surveyed said “Yeah we would!”

3/ Fully immerse themselves within campus culture through participation and involvement in clubs, events, and activities.

The first year often sets the tone for the duration of a student’s post-secondary career. Needless to say, the fact that 80% of freshman students attributed getting a good start in university to their use of the app, is certainly promising! There is so much more to Freshman Orientation than a few days of free food and countless icebreaker games. Students are able to make the most of it by establishing connections early on and remaining in the loop on helpful resources and exciting events around campus. Throughout that critical first year and beyond, students are utilizing the app to not only join existing clubs, but to find like-minded individuals and form new clubs and support groups as well.

While the survey’s findings are incredibly encouraging, it is the overwhelming response we received and ongoing feedback that really makes us tick. Within the OOHLALA Mobile family, questions are heard and suggestions are taken to heart, as we continue to work collaboratively with partner institutions and students in order to provide the ultimate campus experience.

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