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Dedicated Hub Creates Life-Long Relationship with Global Alumni Community



Since 2013, IE University has used an experience platform for students and alumni. Initially, it was mostly used for event and club management. However, as the university experienced significant growth, in 2021 it upgraded the platform to a true enterprise solution and rebranded it
as “IE Connects.”

To better meet the needs of its global community of 8,000 students and 75,000 alumni professionals, IE Connects offers many value-add features. This includes a dedicated Alumni Community Hub within the wider platform. Having a dedicated hub resolves the following challenges for the alumni community:

Centralization: alumni activities & resources 

Disparate systems require complex messaging to the alumni community & creates a barrier to engagement.

IE wanted to implement a dedicated alumni platform that unifies multiple value-add services in one space.

Inconsistent experience & alumni uptake 

Having one system for students and alumni contributes to higher adoption and engagement rates.

Users keep the same app and password. Relationships built on campus remain within the portal.

Inability to Generate Engagement Data

With disparate systems, tracking and reporting alumni engagement is decentralized and therefore not interlinked.

A centralized tool offers numerous possibilities for more precise tracking and reporting of alumni engagement.



IE Global Alumni Relations wanted an experience that specifically catered to their alumni’s needs. It also sought to foster an engagement culture built on the campus experience. Having a dedicated hub within IE Connects provides the following benefits to alumni:


A one-stop shop for Alumni Engagement

“IE Connects” bundles a suite of resources into a single digital platform. Alumni benefits include: alumni events, career workshops, alumni clubs, alumni directory, on-demand videos, career advisory sessions, and job vacancies.


A Customized & Personalized Experience

IE’s alumni hub and personalized mobile app provide custom experiences as the needs for each community member is distinct. Relevant content is delivered based on alumni preferences (events by geography, by clubs membership and/or interest). Exclusive content is also available to a membership-based community.

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Robust Tracking & Reporting Features 

The ability to access alumni and clubs involvement data makes engagement strategies more informed, purposeful,
and effective. With “IE Connects” all data feeds into an analytics and reporting dashboard. Metrics include event data (check-in, registration) club and paid-dues membership, targeted communication open rates, and mentorship connections.


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Alumni Numbers

75,000, across 170 countries

Type of institution

Private University






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Alumni engagement has significantly increased with IE Connects. This is reflected in the following user stats for the first month of use, which continue to grow:

A multi-channel alumni campaign to show how the app elevates alumni engagement.

4,000 app downloads following the alumni campaign.

A 71% increase in unique monthly logins.

Sara Lindgren

Deputy Head of Alumni Engagement and Programs, Global Alumni Relations, IE University

"I highly recommend the investment in real-time integration with your CRM. This enables Single Sign-On with our University's credentials for students and alumni. It also improves data quality with timely and seamless alumni.

The Alumni Community has responded very positively to IE Connects. The results have been phenomena.

Alumni need to easily find those resources and activities that they are most interested in. We need to create an experience that encourages them to access the platform again and again.
The platform’s analytics capabilities give us visibility on engagement levels. We can then act on these opportunities.

Digital engagement via IE Connects is vital to the long-term relationship with our growing and diverse alumni community. It enables the university to manage student and alumni engagement with one system while providing a customized and more relevant experience for alumni."


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