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Community Portal Strengthens Campus Connections and Engagement at Johns Hopkins University



Prior to launching CampusGroups (CG) university-wide in 2021, JHU had multiple instances of the same student involvement platform at each of its 9 campuses (spanning 3 continents). The main challenges with the previous system were:

Segmented View of Campus Life

All 9 campuses had their separate instance. Students had no visibility into activities, limiting interaction across campuses.

Lack of System Integration

The previous system did not enable integration or communication between different systems.

No Access to Engagement Data

Accessing involvement figures from other JHU campuses and pulling university-wide stats was difficult.


Multi Community Hub Campus Portal

The implementation of the (“Hopkins Groups”) portal established a comprehensive platform university-wide, connecting students across campuses. Each campus also has its own Community Hub.


Highly Customizable Platform

Each campus has created a custom landing page and menu. They can establish their own unique brand and send targeted communications to students.


Robust Tracking and Reporting Features

All data feeds into an analytics and reporting dashboard. The university can monitor and assess student engagement over time, narrowing in on what is and isn’t working.


Multiple Engagement Tools

Available on the web and mobile, the platform has over 30 modules. These include group and event management, attendance-tracking and gamification.


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Student engagement has significantly increased since CG’s implementation.
The portal has also created a better user experience for administrators and students. This growth is reflected in the following user stats:

Over 22,000 events were promoted on Hopkins Groups in the first two months of the 2021 academic year.

Group membership is up, increasing from 24,00034,000 members.

Over 80% of respondents are happy with the system and its functionality.

In September 2021, there were 54,000 unique logins via the Hopkins Groups website and 19,000 mobile logins.


Sr. Director, Leadership Engagement & Experiential Development
Johns Hopkins University

Foster Engagement 

"Creating a personalized experience has helped nurture a sense of belonging among students. It has also fostered higher and better-quality engagement."

Transformational Data

"From a visibility and statistical standpoint, CampusGroups has been transformational. Tracking and reporting features enable us to analyze overall platform use and pull stats for each individual hub."

One-Stop-Shop For Co-Curricular Life

"CampusGroups provides all the solutions we need in one place. The university has been able to sunset providers for website creation, events, and budgeting, resulting in cost savings."


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