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Sciences Po UNITES its students with A mobile app 



Founded in 1872 with a strong community of more than 250 researchers, Sciences Po is an international research university ranking among the best in humanities and social sciences. Its mission is to train the decision-makers of tomorrow in the public and private sectors. Since its creation, Sciences Po has been an institution in perpetual motion, constantly innovating and pushing back boundaries. In 2019 Sciences Po contacted Ready Education to discuss and discover new ways to improve student experiences on and off campus while addressing its digital challenges.

Poor communication 

With email engagement down, Sciences Po found problems communicating quickly and effectively with it's students and staff.

Centralized resources

Resources were spread amongst many locations and were difficult to access on the move from mobile devices

Student disengagement

Without an app, Sciences Po found they had little power to tackle their student engagement challenges.



 As most of Sciences Po students were looking for a digital tool to manage their education, Jean-Pierre Berthet, Audrey Lohard and their teams decided to go for a digital campus.  Here's how our school mobile application solution met their needs:

Phones 750x750 (1)

Designing a mobile application that meets student needs

Since Sciences Po makes the student experience its priority, the institution launched its mobile application in collaboration with its students to facilitate life on campus, improve communication between users and provide better access to academic information. This unique digital interface is part of an overall project to infuse more collaboration and pedagogical interaction.

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Improvements to on and off campus experiences

Thanks to the mobile app, as well as the involvement of students and teams prior to the launch, Sciences Po was able to improve the on and off-campus experience while uniting all the institution's stakeholders.

The institution set up a session to involve students in the construction of the mobile application and to gather their feedback and needs. 


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Campuses in:

Dijon, Le Havre, Menton, Nancy, Poitiers, Reims and Paris

Student Numbers





Sciences Po's collaboration with Ready Education has allowed its students and staff to:

Facilitate a central location for all information and resources available from a smartphone.

Communicate quickly and effectively through direct messaging, push notifications, and a community feed.

Drive down the rate of student disengagement, decreasing the chances of poor mental health and dropout.

Audrey Lohard

Pedagogical Support and EdTech Manager

"From the beginning of the project we chose to offer a very limited set of services in the app...

The idea was not to choose the services that would be useful for the students but to discuss with them the future features that would be included in the application."


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