COVID-19 & Higher Ed: Safely Re-Open Your Campus



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A Visual Guide to Limiting the Spread of COVID-19 on Campus 

Discover the variety of approaches campuses in the US and around the world are using to limit and manage the spread of COVID-19 as they re-open. This infographic provides a visual walkthrough of best practices for protecting students, faculty, and staff as you re-open. Lastly, learn about how mobile app technology, like the Ready Contact Trace app, can enable individual health screening and rapid notifications in the case of an exposure event.

What You'll Learn:

  • The pillars of rapid response to COVID-19 exposure, which are essential for preventing spread after positive cases are identified.
  • Recommendations on how to safely re-open the campus from publications by the CDC and Health Canada, as well as published academic research.
  • A breakdown of how various US colleges and universities are choosing to approach re-opening, whether in-person, online or a hybrid of these approaches.