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The Challenge

Disparate systems, no centralized solution.

Craven College maintained a number of solutions which students needed to find the information they required through a set of complicated processes. 

The college understands the value of ed-tech and was aiming to optimize its application landscape with the help of a proven solution that would provide easy access to information.

Director of Quality

Angela Crabtree

“The use of multiple platforms posed some challenges for students and staff. We now have a solution that centralises all our resources into one place. Our staff and student dashboards have made a huge difference to both access and communication.”

The Solution

Centralized Solution & Additional Benefits

With myday, the app and portal by Ready Education, integrating those many disparate systems became an easy reality. Everything a student needs is surfaced in one easy-to-access place, on a smartphone and online.
Being able to offer a digital solution on a student’s phone was key.
Once the college implemented My Craven, they could see additional possibilities with the product, such as the ability to recruit students too, as well as making current students’ lives easier with seamless access to information and resources
As well as surfacing all the information and resources a student needs to succeed, having the app and portal has meant that not only is the information streamlined, communications are efficient, timely, and targeted and you can see who has engaged with a message.


Scope For The Craven College Application

The future area for development with the app and portal for the college is with their apprentices.
With the Enhanced subscription tier, they are looking to improve and streamline their processes for other aspects of the student journey including pre-enrolment and enrolment, such as offering access to the app for their open days.
With the Enhanced functionality, they can see exciting possibilities to use My Craven as a recruitment and conversion tool.
We’re extremly excited to see what they do!

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