How Austin College Beat COVID-19 with a Mobile App

student participation

Students embraced the app as a smart way to return to campus safely. Its user-friendly interface, privacy-first approach, and cross-functionality made it easy to adopt.

cases tracked and quarantined

The universal adoption of the app meant that every suspected case was traced and acted upon - stopping the spread immediately.


The mobile app tracked entrances and exits at several different buildings and events on campus.

on-campus transmissions

The app caught suspected cases quickly, allowing for timely quarantines - preventing the on-campus spread and allowing operations to continue safely.

The Problem

Covid-19 forced Austin College to shut down or reduce all on-campus activities and services in the interest of safety.

The Cost

  • Dormitories and other services were closed
  • Students missing the integral on-campus experience
  • Orientations, graduations, and classes were remote
  • Students isolated from each other and from faculty and staff


The Solution

Austin College worked with Ready Education to implement contact-tracing through a customized mobile app.

A privacy-first approach with a user-friendly interface and multifunctionality to maximize adoption.

Support from Ready's engineers and Customer Success team to ensure a 3-week turnaround.

A live dashboard to track suspected cases and overall trends for quick response.

The Outcome


Austin College re-opened safely. Any suspected cases were tracked and quarantined immediately - leading to zero on-campus transmissions.


Students were able to stay connected to each other on and off-campus. The app allowed for peer2peer communication as well as safe re-entry to campus.


With universal adoption, faculty and staff were better able to communicate with students and access to on and off-campus resources improved. 

“We thrived thanks to the app. Room and board is a huge part of our overall business model; we would not have been able to get students back on campus without it.”
Elizabeth Gill - Vice President of Academic Affairs

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