Eastern Michigan University

Closing data gaps on campus by improving student participation and wellness.

feel belonging

Students made social connections across campus and 88% felt a sense of belonging to the campus community while using their app

feedback rate

Students used their campus app to provide quantitative and qualitative feedback on programming with a near-100% response rate


Students across campus used the app to make new connections, send messages and engage with their peers and administrators.

4.5/ 5.0
avg. rating

Students used their campus app to rate their supplemental instruction and peer mentor programs, rating them 4.5/5.0 on average.

The Problem

Eastern Michigan University was struggling to find a cost-effective method of capturing at-risk student participation at various service points.

The Cost

  • Only 29% of colleges and universities use data for strategic and operational decisions (source)
  • Too many disparate systems across campus collecting information
  • Difficult to quantify all of the engagements a student has on campus
  • Information-blind decisions are being made, misallocating resources and staff time on ineffective programs
Eastern Michigan University partnered with Ready Education to effectively track participation of at-risk students in academic support programs.

Campus Cloud dashboard provides real-time student engagement metrics at administrators' fingertips

Powerful integrations allow multiple data-sources to connect and provide rich insights

Assessment tools allows students to 'check-in' with campus engagements and for administrators to view holistic trends.

The Outcomes

1. EMU had 100% at-risk student adoption and over 49,000 check-ins into study tables
2. EMU was able to generate event and service feedback from 90% of their participants
3. Usage of the app ranked in the Top 5 Predictors of At-Risk Student Persistence
"You can go anywhere and get an app, but to really partner on solving problems at your institution, Ready Education is great to work with"
Christine Deacons | Director of Academic Support Programs

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