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The Total Student Experience Platform

Empowering institutions worldwide to build and engage their campus community, improving communications and experiences that increase retention and drive student success.


The Total Student
Experience Platform

Empowering institutions worldwide to build and engage their campus community, improving communications and experiences that increase retention and drive student success.

Communication Communication
Student Communication

Communicate with students using the technology they're familiar with

Less than 50% of students read emails from their academic department, yet most universities rely exclusively on email to communicate with students.

Today’s generation of digital consumers expect to live their lives through their phones, and they also expect to communicate seamlessly with members of their institution in a familiar way.

Our mobile platform allows your students to interact with their campus, peers and tutors in a way that works for them and is easier for your staff.

Engagement Engagement
Student Engagement

A unified platform tailored to engage students seamlessly between mobile and desktop

Most campus solutions fail because they’re difficult to navigate or lack a component that keeps students returning.

Ready Education's intuitive and easy-to-use platforms frequently achieve a 90%+ adoption rate, and its communication features provide a private, secure place for students to interact with each other and build crucial relationships that support their success.

Interventions+ interventions
Student Experience

Intervene before students become at-risk

Address the issues that lead to student disengagement and other behaviours that result in dropouts.

Based on a student’s level of engagement, Ready Education's platform is designed to connect students with the resources they need, allowing you to intervene much earlier in the cycle and have the opportunity to make a difference in their outcome.

Connection Connection
Student Connection

Keep students informed and connected to campus life

With a central digital ecosystem, students know where to go to find everything they need, from housing information, assignment deadlines, to class schedules and events.

With a platform that allows you to promote events and encourage your students to engage in communications. Ready Education solutions help your faculty and administrators to connect with your students. 

On demand webinar

Transforming student services with a mobile first approach

Leaders from Student Affairs, Student Services, Enrollment Management, Marketing and IT will not want to miss this discussion about Coast Community College District’s inspirational journey to transform the student experience.
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CampusGroups Provides All The
Solutions We Need In One Place.

From a visibility and statistical standpoint, CampusGroups has been transformational. Tracking and reporting features enable us to analyze overall platform use and pull stats for each hub. The university has been able to sunset providers for website creation, events, and budgeting, resulting in cost savings.

Calvin L. Smith, Jr, Sr. Director, Leadership Engagement
Johns Hopkins University
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The Results Have Been Phenomenal.

The platform’s analytics capabilities give us visibility on engagement levels.
We can then act on these opportunities.

Sara Lindgren - Deputy Head Alumni Engagement and Programs
IE University
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Implementing A Successful
Mobile Strategy.

The app has allowed us to identify and intervene with at-risk students by letting us know which students are engaging with campus activities, and which ones are not.

Jason Saucier, Director of Residential Life and Student Involvement
Southern Maine Community College
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A Game Changer!

The app has been a game changer, especially for first-year students
who want everything at their fingertips. Orientation is where it starts, therefore having a dedicated orientation app & welcome hub for incoming students sets them up for success.

Sara Thommesen - Senior Coordinator of Engagement
University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
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Accelerated Our Business Processes!

Implementing myday has accelerated our business process and helped us provide better information to our students - that’s been a big thing.

Richard Simson - Business Intelligence
Ayrshire College
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Offering the Best Student
Experience using the Student Voice.

Having everything a student needs in one place, on the app, makes it much more succinct and easier to access - students just go to one place and then are signposted to everywhere else. This makes it less overwhelming for them too, particularly if they’re starting their course.

Lydia Blundell - Deputy CEO SU
Huddersfield University
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