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Centralize Campus Resources & Student Needs

Enhance the student experience by centralizing and integrating essential campus systems using our Campus Management Software. Better facilitate your students' needs and increase their success.
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Campus Management Software

Offer your students an easy-to-access centralized location for all key university platforms improving adoption rates and increasing student engagement.

Connected campus

Fully Connected Campus

Integrated Hub

Integrated Hub

one single login

SSO - Single Sign On

Success focused

Success focused

Campus Management Software: Connected Campus

Eliminate disparate systems

Our solutions eliminate the stress and confusion caused for your team and your students managing multiple disparate systems.

Present information in a way that is user-focused and remove separate, varied and duplicated information that has become hard to manage

Campus Management Software: Integrated hub

Simplify software integrations

Deliver real-time and personalized information to students by integrating your LMS, SIS, and other student and organizational systems with our solution.

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Campus Management Software: SSO

Introduce Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) ensures students are able to log in with their federated school credentials to securely access all relevant content.

SSO saves your IT team time and money from automation, integration, and password resets and makes your systems more secure.

Campus Management Software: Success focused

An experience optimized for student success

Provide easy access to resources for students that are critical to their success.

Signpost key resources such as courses, calendars, grades, and many more!

Features for Effective Campus Management

Ready Education offers more than 30 unique tools for you to centralize your software and manage your campus.

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Customize how the platform looks and what information is displayed



Centralize and integrate all key systems and resources



Centralize campus resources including academic systems and other student services

Single Sign On


Ensure students can log in with one credential to securely access all relevant content

Craven College

Retiring antiquated processes and disparate systems for a centralized solution.

Craven College maintained several solutions that students needed to find the information they required through a set of complicated processes. 

The college understood the value of campus management software and aimed to optimize its application landscape with the help of a proven solution that would provide easy access to information.

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