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Community Portal Strengthens Engagement and Efficiency

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire was founded in 1916 as a teacher’s college. It is now a part of University of Wisconsin System, consisting of 13 public universities. They have had the same community platform for almost a decade which was slow and lacking in functionality. 

It lacked features that are key to a community engagement platform, including a campus wide feed, chat, or social directory. The system was also very manual and lacked analytics and reporting capabilities. There was reportedly a lot of lag time with the previous platform and administrators often couldn’t physically get their work done, let alone do it efficiently. The platform’s poor performance also contributed to poor adoption among students.

Once they brought in Ready Education, much of that changed. The implementation of a portal established a comprehensive platform university-wide. It serves as the go-to resource on campus, connecting students to the information they need and each other. The dedicated Orientation app is also key, enhancing the student experience for first-year students and increasing adoption.