Cedar Crest College

Closing the engagement gap by improving student participation and wellness.

adoption rate

Consolidating multiple disparate systems in to one single campus platform, Cedar Crest managed to obtain 90% student adoption.

response rate

Feeling a strong sense of belonging, 84% of the questions asked on the campus wall were answered by the campus community.


Students across campus used the app to make new connections, send messages and engage with their peers and administrators.

social actions

Students were given a closed, school-specific space to share thoughts, ideas and opinions, fostering a sense of belonging.

The Problem

Cedar Crest was struggling with under-utilization of campus resources and students feeling disengaged from the community.

The Cost

  • Money is being spent on programming that ends up being under-utilized
  • Need to ensure timely delivery of critical security information

The Solution

Cedar Crest College worked with Ready Education to develop and launch their mobile strategy to improve engagement and assessment at events.

AI-based recommendation engine promotes relevant engagement opportunities

Pre-event reminders and post-event feedback in the app for a unified experience

Understand engagement data patterns and build 'critical engagement pathways'

The Outcome


Cedar Crest was able to assess over 80 events across campus, with 96% of students providing qualitative and quantitative feedback


9 out of 10 students felt like they belong to the university community when using the app


Cedar Crest expanded assessment-capabilities to service providers as well, increasing student feedback to a 98% response rate.

"We were looking for something cutting edge for students. I needed to meet them where they were; I needed to be on their phone."
Lauren Condon | Director of Student Engagement & Student Union