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Closing the communication gap on campus during critical orientation period.


9 out of 10 students surveyed through the app said that it helped them get off to a good start at university.


Students across campus used the app to make new connections, send messages and engage with their campus community.

hours saved

Orientation staff was able to save over 250 hours of staff time by crowd-sourcing knowledge through the campus wall.


Using the campus newsfeed, students and administrators answered over 1,500 questions pertaining to orientation.

The Problem

McGill University was struggling to communicate activities, services and key messages to large numbers of incoming students

The Cost

  • 54% of campus emails are going unread by students
  • Difficult to scale one-on-one communication across the institution
  • Advisor messages and key academic deadlines are being missed
  • Need to ensure timely delivery of critical security information

The Solution

McGill University worked with Ready Education to develop and launch their mobile strategy specifically targeting first year students.

Campus Wall enables campus-sourcing answers to low-impact student queries, significantly saving staff time

Targeted push notification delivery ensures that the right message goes to the right student at the right time.

'Stubborn' push for critical security messages can override notification settings and require a long-press to release.

The Outcome


McGill University was able to save 250 hours of staff time spent answering low-impact student questions by crowd-sourcing knowledge on the community feed.


Students were able to find critical orientation and first-year information when they needed it the most, leading to 8 out of 10 students saying the app helped them get off to a good start at school.


Overall, 90% of students that used the app would recommend it to their peers

"The app has made their lives easier and more productive. Students have responded very positively. Ready has done a fantastic job for McGill University."
Ollivier Dyens - Vice-Provost

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