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Mobile-first communication for the 'Information-Generation'

Personalized just the way students expect

Personalized, just the way students expect.

Today’s students demand tailored information and content based on their personal interests and needs. Ready uses a recommendation engine with built-in machine learning capability to suggest targeted events, services, and content to students.

Campus life intuitively available on mobile

Campus life, intuitively available on mobile

Instead of searching across multiple websites, flyers and boards, we've rolled everything a student needs to be successful into one place: their phone. A personalized user experience means students will always see the most relevant content.

Courses grades and finances at their fingertips

Courses, grades and finances at their fingertips

Native integrations enable real-time access to all of the critical academic tools, including courses, discussions, and grades. Rather than making students click through or log into multiple sites, single-sign on ensures security and a smooth user experience.

Missed deadlines are about to become extinct

Missed deadlines are about to become extinct

Staying on top of multiple deadlines can be challenging enough and email-reminders just add to the clutter. With targeted SIS/LMS-triggered push-notifications, students receive reminders, alerts and critical notifications in real-time, directly on their mobile device.

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