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Ready Education:

Total Student Solution 

Many solutions, one successful experience 

Supercharge communications and improve experiences across your institution. Ready Education’s solution is how people and departments can collaborate and achieve Student Success by offering opportunities to connect and engage your entire campus community in events, groups, discussions, and more.

Ready Education Products

Drivers of Student Success

At Ready Education, we strive to integrate a holistic Student Success Framework into the solutions we build – putting the student and their success at the top of everything:

Campus App
Centralized SOLUTION

Campus App

Campus App provides a campus-wide destination for students to find information, communicate with their community, and find a sense belonging at their institution.

It elevates your student experience by building and connecting communities -  providing a unique action-to-insight feedback loop giving students personalized resources tailored to their specific needs.

Campus Groups
Clubs and organizations


CampusGroups is a student solutions platform that provides best-in-class organizational software to manage the campus life experience.

It transforms the way student orgs, events, and attendance management systems work, CampusGroups can replace any number of disparate spot solutions improving the student experience.


01. Front Scene_01 - laptop and phone - myday - smaller
Fully bespoke personalized solution


myday is a fully customizable campus solution that enables institutions to build their own bespoke web and mobile platform through a secure portal.

It provides institutions with the tools to create a completely personalized experience for students, staff and visitors across both web and mobile. With many existing integrations available, myday makes it easy to centralize all existing systems and software.

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Student Communication

50% of students don’t read or respond to emails

Emails feel outdated and unengaging to today’s generation of digital consumers used to personalized information delivered directly to their phones.

Push Notifications allow you to reach students where they are with the information they need.

Student Experience
Student Experience

Identify and support at-risk students before it’s too late

Even the most outgoing students often shy away from asking for help for fear of being stigmatized.

Our total student experience solutions use data to pinpoint at-risk students and ‘nudge’ them towards available services and resources.

Student Connection
Student Connection

Students with close digital connections are more likely to stay in school

Help students find the information they need, stay informed, and build community whether they’re commuting, living on-campus, or fully online.  

Research has shown that 92% of students who felt digitally connected to their university persisted and successfully graduated from their program, a ten percent increase compared to students without that digital connection.

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Student Engagement

Research shows that engaged students are more likely to graduate

Keep students engaged with a unified platform that streamlines communication & facilitates peer-to-peer connections in a virtual environment that supports gamification.

Take the pulse of students and identify those in need of interventions. With Ready Education you can analyze levels of engagement and identify at-risk students allowing you to alert staff and take relevant action.

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