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Campus App

by Ready Education

Campus App provides a unified destination for students to find information and communicate with their community.

It elevates your student experience by building and connecting communities -  providing a unique action-to-insight feedback loop giving students personalized resources tailored to their specific needs.

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Centralized Solution

Campus App is a campus-wide communication platform which unites multiple engagement solutions into one seamless ecosystem. Offering 'just in time' notifications, the Campus App elevates your student experience by building and connecting communities -  providing a unique action-to-insight feedback loop and giving students personalized resources tailored to their specific needs.

Campus App is the aggregator for institutions, integrating with SSO, LMS, SIS, and other student and organizational data systems, offering a single student app to address communication and student retention issues.



Use your solution to create compelling content and share existing campus resources. Integrate personalized data for maximum impact.



With an easy-to-configure interface for both administrators and users, publish your targeted content in various formats across a choice of channels.



View engagement dashboards to understand how users interact with your content or export the data to obtain critical insights.



Your solution can be used to easily communicate on many levels - One to one, one to many or one to all!



Track key events and get instant feedback so you can make improvements and drive engagement.



Leverage your data to create actionable insights to drive institutional outcomes like student success.

Hundreds of Campus App partners, millions of students.

Campus App

Communication that matters

Improve communication with students and staff by sharing important announcements and resources through a range of communication tools.

Connect with community members, including advisors, students and campus departments via 1:1 chat messaging. Share posts in community channels and send automated or manual push notifications to personalize the student experience.

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Campus App

Centralized & Integrated

Provide a seamless, searchable experience for students with a unified solution of academic, co-curricular, and administrative resources. 

LMS, SIS, RSS, iCal, and other integrations deliver real-time and personalized information, providing students with access to courses, bursar, financial aid, holds, and course enrollment all through their Campus App.

Campus App

Community & Engagement

Create a safe space for students to connect within a closed campus community. 

Students can connect in real-time with peers, organizations, and departments, while also having the opportunity to create private chats, attend events, and participate in discussions in both public and private community channels.

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Campus App

Assessment & Intervention

Set up automated workflows to check the pulse of your students in any number of critical areas - from early alert workflows that allow for quick actions to be taken, to more nuanced needs-based interventions that truly close the loop.

Based on student feedback, information and resources are provided autonomously to meet those needs - delivering the right communications at the time of need.

These automated workflows can address the top issues that lead to disengagement and potential dropout for students, allowing you to make more efficient use of your in-person/on-site resources.

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The Power of a Mobile Communication Strategy

Learn how centralizing communication via a campus-wide mobile platform helped McGill improve their first-year student experience and set these new students up for success while saving 250 hours of staff time.

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