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myday is a fully bespoke campus solution that enables institutions to build their own custom web and mobile platform through a secure portal.

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Fully Bespoke Personalized Solution

myday provides institutions with the tools to create a completely personalized experience for students, staff and visitors across both web and mobile. With a large number of existing integrations available, myday makes it easy to centralize all existing systems and software. This means that students can access information from their courses, calendar and many other areas that allow them to succeed in their studies.

fully customisable


Students and staff can easily customise their dashboards, including how it looks and what information is displayed, providing a personalised user experience. 

audience targeting


Target individual users, groups or roles across the platform, so students and staff see the right content at the right time.

flexible content


myday features a built-in Content Management System that allows admins to create and edit content that can be published to dashboards, with a number of different templates available.



Easily communicate with students and share important announcements through a range of communication tools such as the newsroom, banners, alerts and push notifications.

Anytime access


The myday app provides a mobile solution for users on the move. The experience is intuitive
and familiar, consistent with the desktop portal. Institutions also have the option to opt for a custom-built mobile app.

Hundreds of myday partners, millions of students

Hundreds of myday partners, millions of students.


Create a custom student experience

Provide a custom experience to a number of different audiences on both web and mobile, so that everyone can find the information that is most important to them.

myday presents an easy to use and intuitive interface which enables push notifications and alerts to deliver key messages to different audiences. The platform is also enabled in 11 languages to ensure communications are localised.

All dashboards within myday can have a totally different look and feel, and institutions have a lot of control over how they are presented to end users, with the added ability to include custom CSS. Students also have the ability to customise their own dashboards.

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Easy access to information

Students are able to access academic information all in one place, with dashboard tiles such as calendar, courses, mail, grades, and tasks, which pull information from the relevant SIS.

Students can also access campus-related information, such as PC availability, maps, account balance and library management. If additional information needs to be shared, there is a built-in Content Management System that allows admins to create and edit content.

Banners allow institutions to communicate critical and time sensitive information to students, whilst the newsroom can provide both internal and external news feeds for students. Showcase your Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as any relevant video and link tiles.


Analytics & Attendance

Measure student engagement with a comprehensive analytics dashboard which reports on a number of metrics such as the number of sessions, returning users by day, banner impressions, and page/dashboard views.

You can also filter by sessions/time of day to see when the platform is most popular with students.

There is also the ability to track and manage attendance to know who your most engaged students are on campus.

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Simple Integration & SSO

There are a number of connectors available within myday which makes it easy to centralize all existing systems and software that an institution might have such as Blackboard and Moodle.

myday also has multiple methods of authentication available such as Local Login, Azure AD, SURFconext, Google, Facebook and Twitter.

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university of Huddersfield

Removing barriers to student information and centralizing resources.

The University of Huddersfield faced a number of challenges prior to the implementation of myHud.

Most important were the barriers students found on their path to the information they needed. Find out how they turned a corner with a centralized ed tech solution.

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