COVID-19 reporting requirements in California are confusing and cumbersome! With a new Fall semester approaching, this webinar will explore workflows to support pre-screening, testing, vaccinations, contact tracing and everything your institution will need to meet the CAL/OSHA and AB 685 requirements while also keeping your campus community safe. Drawing from examples of how several Californian higher education institutions have approached safely reopening their campuses, this holistic look at how to keep students, staff, and faculty safe as they return to campus is essential preparation for the post-pandemic world.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How campuses in California are leveraging tools to support CAL/OHSA & AB 685 reporting requirements
  • Tips for a swift, low-lift implementation of automated contact tracing that reduces the need for a team of dedicated contact tracers
  • How Ready Education can work with your COVID-19 taskforce to ensure a safe, supportive return for your student population


Daniel Watkins

Associate Vice Chancellor of IT

Ventura County Community College District


Teri Higgins, Ph.D.

Senior Campus Success Consultant

Ready Education

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