First-Generation Students Face Multiple Barriers

Compared with students whose parents have completed college, those that are the first in their families face additional barriers and statistically worse outcomes. They are less familiar with the "hidden language" of college jargon, come from families with lower median incomes, work more hours while in school, and are less likely to use institutional resources like academic support, health services, and academic advising.

How can we make sure that more of our first-to-start students are first-to-finish?

Research has shown that when students feel that they belong, they are more likely to succeed. Our partners support their first-generation students through a mobile-first communication strategy that encourages both in-person and online engagement. This allows students to build communities and access social and academic resources at any time no matter where they are.

What You'll Learn:

  • How the experiences and outcomes of first-gen students differ from continuing-generation students and how a digital community can build engagement with first-gen students in a way that helps them overcome the additional barriers they face
  • The role technology plays in successful first gen programming to highlight and celebrate their stories
  • Specific strategies that universities have used to help first-gen students navigate their college experience, access the right resources, and close equity gaps

You Should Join If:

  • You are passionate about increasing positive outcomes for first-gen students and improving equity to access for diverse students
  • You seek to improve communication and engagement at your institution to provide a better experience for students
  • You seek to understand how other universities use technology to support retention and engagement initiatives.

Your Speakers

Christine D

Christine Deacons
VP of Student Success and Research
Ready Education


Carrie Dionne
Sr Campus Success Consultant
Ready Education

kow circle

Kow Samman
Product Manager
Azusa Pacific University

Jeffrey Olson cir

Jeffrey Olsen
VP of Student Experience
Post University

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Supporting First-Generation Students with the Right Communication and Engagement Strategy

Nov 17th

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