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Students don’t always read or respond to emails

You need a communication strategy that delivers the right information, to the right student, at the right time, directly to their phone.

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How can we improve student success
if we can’t reliably communicate with students?

Our research-backed solution creates consistent two-way communications, so students can easily meet deadlines, find their community, and get the support they need to succeed.

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Personalized Communications

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One Single Login

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Foster Community & Belonging

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Central Access, Anywhere

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Personalized Communications

Reach your students with a communication tool that delivers information in a way that aligns with students’ expectations

Less than 50% of students read emails from their university, yet most universities rely exclusively on email to communicate.

Today’s generation of digital consumers expect to live their lives through their phones, and they also expect to communicate with members of their institution familiarly.

Our platform allows students to interact with their campus, peers and tutors in a way that works for them and is easier for your staff.

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One Single Login

Make it easy for students to navigate to university systems and resources they need to succeed

Offer your students an easy-to-access centralized location for all key university platforms and avoid endless maintenance activities with multiple disparate systems.

How can your institution make it easy to connect your student with the systems they need?

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Help students get involved in some of the most impactful learning opportunities that happen beyond the classroom walls

Successful campus events contribute to a fun, active, and vibrant campus community. Ensuring students feel connected and experience a greater sense of belonging is a key factor in student retention.

Ready Educations platform will help you seamlessly and efficiently run and promote campus events and providing students with meaningful experiences.

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A seamless experience for your students to access their central education resource anywhere in the world, at anytime

Students are always on the move, whether on vacation or heading home to friends and family. Students can take the Ready Education solution with them anywhere they go and still access their education resources.

This allows students to remain connected to their education wherever they may be.

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Ready Education combines the functionality of more than 30 unique tools for you to easily customize the perfect one-stop shop for your student community.



Connect with your community campus-wide or in private channels

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Ensure student comms & community updates are easy to keep up with



Your solution can be used to communicate on many levels



Makes important information front and centre for students



Students are kept up-to-date with comms and community happenings

form & polls


Check the pulse of your students in any number of critical areas



Autonomous resources provided to meet student needs



Robust email management for student life, clubs and organizations

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Let's talk about your communication issues

Eager to hear more about how our teams will collaborate, assist with your comms challenges and increase student success
McGill University

The Power of a Mobile Communication Strategy

Learn how centralizing communication via a campus-wide mobile platform helped McGill improve their first-year student experience and set these new students up for success while saving 250 hours of staff time.


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