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Extend the student experience beyond classroom walls

Strengthen institutional culture and empower students to explore new interests and get involved in subjects that matter to them — anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Student Experience

Ready Education

Connectivity & Culture Matter

From planning engaging events to supporting student leaders, our solutions help you create a vibrant campus experience, while ensuring students’ wellbeing and mental health.

student body

Engaged Student Body

proactive communication

Proactive Communication

connected campus

Fully Connected Campus

private offline space

Centralized System

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Engaged Student Body

Promote campus activities and easily increase event attendance

Successful campus events help students feel connected and experience a sense of belonging –– key factors in student persistence and retention. But the planning process can require an enormous amount of time and resources.

Our CampusGroups platform streamlines the entire process and makes promoting the event and tracking attendance simple, straightforward, and effective.


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Proactive Communication

Improve student outcomes with technology that intervenes before students become at-risk

Address the top issues that lead to student disengagement and other behaviors that result in student dropouts with Interventions+.

Based on a student’s responses, workflows can be set up to  automatically connect students with the resources they need, allowing you to intervene much earlier in the cycle and have the opportunity to actually make a difference in their outcome.


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Help First-Gen students navigate the business of being a student

From paying bills to understanding FAFSA requirements and deadlines, First-Gen students often need to navigate through more systems than their counterparts, despite often having less confidence and preparedness.

By centralizing resources in one, mobile-accessible location, our tools eliminate stress and confusion caused by trying to keep track of and understand disparate systems.


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Support student leaders with an efficient, centralized system

Student clubs and organizations need a single, integrated platform to manage all their needs and ensure smooth operations.

From managing group membership to collecting dues, or raising money for a cause, our solution enables community members to do everything within one system, providing more visibility into campaigns and programs and creating a better user experience. 


A-La-Carte Features Selection

Ready Education combines the functionality of more than 30 unique tools for you to easily customize the perfect one-stop shop for your student community.

events management-1


Participate in events with a seamless & secure events management tool



Automatically deploy comms, forms & resources to a target audience



API integrations centralise all key systems and resources



Offer your students access to their holds, charges and payments



Customise how the platform looks and what information is displayed

campus map


Pinpoint important buildings and facilities with an interactive map

student ID


Easily access facilities on campus with a mobile institution ID

attendance tracking


Track your most engaged students by monitoring event attendance

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MIT Sloan School of Management

Hackathon Success

MIT Sloan School of Management streamlined their hackathon operations and created an experience that exceeded student (and staff!) expectations.

Learn how Our CampusGroups platform helped them.


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