8 Key Student Retention Findings from a 4-Year Study

In partnership with Eastern Michigan University and Concordia University Wisconsin, this 4-year study of 2,542 students details key digital behavioral signals that predict student retention risk as well as essential interventions for reducing drop-out rates.

What you'll learn:

  • Key strategies to build an effective mobile-first student engagement strategy
  • Why students who do not download your campus app are 68% more likely to drop out
  • How pre-first year summer engagement can decrease retention risk by more than 50%
  • Why conventional demographic-based retention prediction models are not enough



"Very insightful to know that a third of all reasons for dropout is due to relationship-based issues. If we can help bridge this gap with more meaningful communication through the mobile app, we help drastically reduce this number."


Albert N. Paschoal
Director of Student Life
University of Hawaii Maui College