Becoming a student-centric institution starts with listening to the student voice and providing a space where that listening turns into dialogue. Ready Education has curated a handful of student voices with messages around isolation, mental health, and homelessness that student affairs leaders can learn from. This presentation starts a conversation about the student’s perspectives on best practices for keeping students engaged, happy, and healthy.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Identify how students can drive community engagement and reduce feelings of isolation
  • Understand why mental health, connection, and sense of belonging are intertwined for our student communities in the age of social distancing and how you can help
  • Hear the anxiety around remote learning for students who intentionally chose to be on campus
  • Participate in a conversation around student online communities and how to build them best to facilitate engagement.


Matthew Long, Ed.D.

Santa Rosa Junior College

Executive Dean


Kaylie Butler

Lindsey Wilson College

Student Government Association President


Bre Headshot

Bre Rodrigues

UH Maui College

Student Government Vice President


Ariana Riccardi

Wilmington College

Student Body President


Mark V_New

Mark Villanueva

Oregon Tech - Student Involvement & Belonging

Student Advisory Board Member


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