Assessing the Student Experience

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It has long been known that engagement is a critical component of student success and retention. While institutions have spent significant time and resources creating programming, events and other methods of engaging students, there was previously no effective way to measure the success of those efforts. Today we're excited to announce the release of OOHLALA Assessment, a way for students to easily provide instant feedback on events, services and programs. Here's how it works:Step 1: Enable Event/Service Assessment

Administrators can enable the OOHLALA assessment feature with one click on their dashboard for any campus event, including orientation, financial aid open houses, or career workshops:

OOHLALA Assessment - Create an Event

  Step 2: Students Check-In at Event or Service Point The unique QR code generated is displayed at the event/service point, and students then scan the code using their campus mobile app:

giphy (5).gif

  Step 3: Students receive push-notification for rating/feedback After the event, the platform sends a targeted push notification to the student to evaluate their experience and provide real-time feedback.

OOHLALA Assessment - Rating Experience.gif

  Step 4: Administrators can review everything on their dashboard The tool also enables students to assess out-of-class services, allowing administrators to track and measure the impact of academic advisors, career services, and the financial aid office - all visible in a singular dashboard.

OOHLALA Assessment - Dashboard.gif

Institutions that have launched a campus app and assessment with OOHLALA have seen response rates between 75% - 90% from students, compared to 20% - 30% they see from traditional surveys. We're excited by these results because it goes to show that student are willing and motivated to be engaged in their institutions - they just needed the right mechanism. You can schedule a consult for your institution here.

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