[Infographic] Ten Facts about Gen-Z

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While the exact date and age range is debated, Gen-Z are generally considered all those born in 1996, give or take a few years. This generation grew up with technology and social media at their finger tips, with most never having to use a landline.

We've put together an infographic exploring 10 key facts about Gen-Z and how they might differ from Millennials.

For example, while Millennials are often classified as "dreamers" due to their optimistic nature, Gen-Z are more pragmatic; they expect to have to work hard in order to be successful.

While Gen-Z are realists, they also have high expectations in certain regards. When receiving a product or service for instance, they expect for it to be tailored to them specifically. Companies like Netflix understands this expectation, which is why they personalize which content is surfaced to which viewer based on individual preferences. To learn more, download the full infographic here.

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