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New Product Feature: Audiences

By: Annie on Jun 29, 2018 12:33:00 AM
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It’s no secret that administrators are finding it increasingly difficult to communicate with their students. Because students receive so much information that is not relevant to them as individuals, they’ve gotten into the habit of ignoring most communications. To overcome this obstacle, we had to come up with an innovative solution that would allow institutions to communicate effectively with their campus. While push-notifications allow administrators the ability to send critical information directly to their students’ smartphones, students often opted out of receiving these types of messages due to the sheer number of notifications they were receiving.

The Problem

Before establishing our “Audiences” feature, administrators found creating and managing Lists to segment the student population to be a tedious process. Also, the “Lists” feature required a student data dump which was not always available to administrators and was hard to use; this is what prompted us to create “Audiences.”

The Solution

Through SIS data, administrators are now able to segment the student population, as well as easily create, manage and navigate their Lists. This allows administrators the ability to effortlessly send targeted notifications to specific audiences (i.e. specific Personas, groups, clubs, etc.).

How it’s done

Administrators can setup the list of SIS attributes and options which are used to segment the student population. Administrators can then go on the Campus Cloud and create segmentations within the student population (i.e. year of study, resident students, veterans, etc.).


With this new product feature, administrators are able to select and build student and persona cohorts seamlessly, manage and navigate all Audiences with ease, and send relevant communications to specific students. For more information, contact your designated Community Manager, or schedule a call with one of our product specialists.

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