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Oral Roberts University: Leveraging Mobile Technology to Increase

By: Annie on May 16, 2018 4:47:00 AM
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Established in 1963, Oral Roberts University takes pride in supporting their whole person curriculum: mind, body and spirit. By embracing new technology, ORU has succeeded in keeping this holistic approach to higher education contemporary, making them one of the most innovative institutions in North America.

Understanding that technology needs to be fluid and not disruptive in order to seamlessly integrate into the lives of today's students, is what allows ORU to successfully introduce new technology onto its campus. With 97% of Gen-Z and Millenials owning a smartphone, AVP of Innovation and Technology, Michael Mathews, understood that in order to effectively communicate with students, he needed to meet them where they were: on mobile. With a few strategic implementation adjustments, Oral Roberts University was able to establish a 96% platform adoption rate in less that 1 year since the app's launch. To download the full Oral Roberts University case-study, click here.

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