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Partnership: Goucher College

By: Annie on Jan 17, 2018 8:05:00 AM
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Goucher College Rolls Out Mobile App to Connect Students With Resources, Events, and Campus Community. Nationally recognized innovator selects Ready Education to improve student experience on campus and around the world

Towson, MD—Goucher College announced the launch of a new mobile app designed to foster communication and collaboration and help students navigate campus life. The app, developed in partnership with Ready Education, will help students access academic, residential, and extracurricular information through a single sign-on platform. Recognized as a pioneer for its study-abroad program, Goucher will also use the app to connect students in 30 countries worldwide with their peers, as well as academic support services and other resources. “For many of our students, their mobile device serves as a central hub for organizing their lives, accessing opportunities, and connecting with peers and mentors. We believe it is critical to develop tools that reach students where they are, and help them engage both academically and socially,” said Robert Smith, Director of Project Management at Goucher College. “Together with the Ready Education team, we’ve developed an app that allows students to stay connected, whether on campus or halfway across the world, to their peers, advisors, and the entire Goucher community.” Mobile devices are nearly ubiquitous on college campuses, with nearly 9 in 10 students owning smartphones and a growing number of students using mobile to complete coursework and access academic resourcesAccording to a recent survey conducted by Ready Education, students who used a mobile app rather than a website to find campus information were 48% more likely to report satisfaction with the student experience. Available for free via the Google Play or Apple App Stores, the Goucher app uses native mobile technology including customizable alerts and GPS to help students navigate campus life, manage their academic responsibilities, and communicate with peers and faculty. Thanks to Ready Education’s new partnership with the fast-growing Canvas learning management system, students will be able to access course schedules, assignments, and other academic resources through the platform. During the first month of student orientation this year, 84 percent of Goucher’s first-year students registered on the new app. “Goucher’s commitment to innovation is evident in its use of technology to transform the student experience,” said Danial Jameel, Co-Founder and CEO of Ready Education, who began his career at the University of Toronto. “This new mobile platform is aligned to the specific needs and goals of the Goucher community, helping students engage in campus life and supporting retention and success.” Founded in 1885, Goucher College serves nearly 1,500 students on its campus outside Baltimore, MD. The institution was named one of U.S. News and World Report’s Most Innovative Colleges and as a College that Changes Lives. Goucher is also the first college in the nation to launch a video application alternative that allows prospective students to forgo the traditional college application and apply with a two-minute video instead. About Ready Education Ready Education, founded by student affairs professionals, builds custom mobile apps for higher education institutions to affect and improve the student experience. The platform is designed to support student success by unifying campus resources – LMS, co-curricular, athletics, clubs/orgs, events and many more – within a branded, integrated, college app. Over 200 institutions have joined the Ready Education family, connecting hundreds of thousands of students with their administrators, their campus, and most importantly, their peers. For more information, visit

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