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Top 20 Events at Orientation 2017

By: Admin on Oct 2, 2017 6:19:00 AM
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Working with over 200 partners, we've been able to compile a list of some of the most popular and engaging events across college campuses in the US and Canada. The events are broken up into two types of lists:

  1. The Most Popular: Those events that resulted in the highest turn out of the student body (relative to enrollment)
  2. The Most Engaging: Those events that received the highest ratings from students (based on at least 25 ratings submitted)

The Most Popular Events: Popular list key: Event Name (Percentage of FTE Attended | FTE) Description

  1. Orientation Party (43.8% | 809): This year’s party is going to be bigger and better than ever with events all over campus! There’s music! Food! Inflatables! Friends! Fun!
  2. Back to School Bash (35.4% | 1,034): Celebrating the start of the Fall Semester!
  3. Engagement Fair (34.1% | 704): Come out to the [student center] and visit all the tables to learn more about getting involved at the college.
  4. Freshman Orientation (29.4% | 1,527): All the details + your orientation kit are on your Campus App!
  5. New Student Convocation (24.9% | 1,119): All new students will gather together, along with Faculty and Staff, for a formal induction into the class of 2021.
  6. Lunch at the President's House (23.7% | 1,119): Meet the President of the college and representatives of the President’s Council for a special luncheon on their front lawn.
  7. Free T-shirts for Campus App users (22.3% | 1,034): Free t-shirts for mobile app users at the Back to School Bash. You must scan the QR code to receive your t-shirt.
  8. Welcome to the SGU (20.9% | 588): We will introduce you to some key players in our team and talk about the how SGU will impact your life and help you grow.
  9. Catalyst Bystander Training with Alex Leslie (20.7% | 1,119): This presentation will help you develop the skills to recognize potentially serious situations, like possible violence or abuse, and practice skills to intervene and stop these situations from getting worse.
  10. Maximize your Buzz (16.4% | 804): Alcohol awareness program - mandatory for all first-year students

The Most Engaging Events: Engagement list key: Event Name (Event Rating | FTE): Description

  1. Learn how to Relax (99.05% | 2,113): Upperclassmen lacrosse players will teach residents how to play lacrosse and learn more about their strengths as a team!
  2. GAYme Night: (98.4% | 25,393): Community bonding, board games and pride celebrations
  3. First Ads Club Meeting (98.26% | 9,361): We will participate in icebreakers, eat cookies, and talk about all the awesome things Ads Club is planning for the coming semester!
  4. Varsity Volleyball Match (97.27% | 583): Volleyball match against rival institution
  5. Chalk and Tea (97.14% | 809): Come drink some tea, doodle on the whiteboard and network with classmates.
  6. Awareness Week Ice Cream Social (96.92% | 1,034): Get yourself some ice-cream and maybe learn some helpful info on Phi Theta Kappa!
  7. 90's Night (96.55% | 2,109): Incoming freshmen, you're the last of the 90's kids! We will celebrate and remember current events of the time and enjoy 90's music and snacks!
  8. Fun Friday Pool Party (96.29% | 8,801): Join Us for a Fun way to cool off & meet New friends!
  9. Movie Night (96.14% | 1,950): Movie night at the Paramount theater
  10. Mind-shift: Welcome to College (96.00 | 768): An inspirational event for men who want college to be good, not bad.

Have you run similar events on your campus? Leave a comment below and let us know your most successful events!