The Challenges

Outdated Portal & Limited IT Resource

Ayrshire College’s previous portal wasn’t fit for purpose and they had limited IT and development resources as this was already tied up in other significant college projects.

They were therefore looking for an out-of-the-box solution to accelerate their digital student experience project and improve the online experience of their students.

Richard Simson
Head of Business Intelligence
and Information Systems

Richard Simson

“For the college, some of the benefits they realised were as a result of myday (by Ready Education) surfacing the information, the college’s back-end processes and data accuracy were also improved. Implementing myday has accelerated our business process and helped us provide better information to our students - that’s been a big thing.”

The Solution

Then Over To Bespoke.

Having an off-the-shelf product was beneficial to the college during their initial implementation when they went for a minimum viable product (MVP.)

Since then, the project has extended and myday’s developer-enabled capabilities have allowed the college to develop other bespoke applications.

myday, one of Ready Education’s digital solutions, is the app and” portal that provided the solution the college were looking for and it wasn’t a heavy lift in terms of IT requirement.

The Future

Integrated Payments
To Increase Retention Levels.

As well as the Student’s Association regularly surveying students and holding focus groups to guide further development of the app, Richard and his team also have some exciting thoughts for the future.

“We hope to integrate payment information into the app. The idea is that having funding information available at a user’s fingertips can assist with retention.”

Fundamentally though, the college will continue to show what’s important to their students. They also look forward to participating in more training and collaboration with Ready Education.

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