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New Ready Education Offering Unites Academic and Student Life

By: Lucie-Kay Desthuis-Francis on May 30, 2024 8:26:20 AM
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New offering seamlessly combines academic and engagement information into one unified platform, furthering Ready Education’s focus on delivering the platform that students use every day to be successful.

Ready Education today introduces a transformative product update with Academic Integrations that further enhances the student experience. Academic Integrations, a module within CampusGroups, our comprehensive student engagement platform, seamlessly combines academic data with co-curricular opportunities, providing students a unified digital platform that fosters engagement and success. This unified experience is accessible via a web portal and mobile app, ensuring students can stay connected and organized, no matter where they are.

Academic Integrations: Where Engagement Meets Achievement

The new Academic Integrations module unifies academic and engagement information into a single platform, empowering institutions to better support academic and co-curricular success. This holistic approach fosters an environment where academic achievement and campus life are integrated, equipping students with the tools they need to thrive both inside and outside the classroom. All of this is provided in the same platform that students currently leverage for co-curricular engagement and to communicate with friends and classmates.

Jean Teillon, Chief Product Officer at Ready Education, shared: "We are thrilled to introduce the Academic Integrations module to CampusGroups. This feature is a game-changer for higher education institutions, providing a unified platform that supports both academic and co-curricular engagement. Our goal is to remove barriers, foster community, and encourage engagement to support student success across the student lifecycle."

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Campus-wide Advantages

Academic Integrations brings significant benefits to the entire campus. Students can more easily manage their coursework and co-curricular commitments while staying connected with classmates, advisors, and staff. By incorporating academic information, the module encourages daily use of the platform, increasing the visibility of clubs, organizations, and campus events, and boosting overall student engagement.

For Student Life departments, Academic Integrations provides more comprehensive engagement data, leading to better assessment of student involvement and early identification of those at risk of dropping out, allowing for timely intervention. 

Academic Integrations bridges the gap between student engagement and academic data, providing a holistic view of student engagement to support informed decision-making and targeted interventions - all with a focus on student success

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Key Features

The Academic Integrations Module comprises several features, set to roll out between now and the end of the year.

  • My Courses enables students to

    • Quickly scan assignments and upcoming exams to see what work needs to be completed.
    • See real-time news and announcements synced from their online course space.
    • Connect with classmates through the course roster listing and view classmates’ profiles.
    • Access all grades as soon as they are posted on the platform students use to participate in campus life.
  • My Schedule provides students with

    • A unified calendar that integrates academic and campus life. 
    • Visibility of all registered campus events, club meetings, assignment due dates, exam times, and more, in one place.
  • The Personalized Dashboard enables students to

    • Immediately see what’s coming up, helping them stay on top of their assignments and commitments at a glance, enhancing their ability to manage their workload effectively. 
    • Receive personalized recommendations for student organizations to join and upcoming events based on the student’s individual interests.
  • Course-Related Notifications give students

    • Increased visibility of updates helping them stay informed and prepared, improving their academic performance and engagement.

Functionality is currently accessible across a number of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Student Information Systems (SIS).

Jim Brigadier, CEO of Ready Education, expressed, "The launch of our Academic Integrations module marks another significant step toward our vision of redefining how students experience academic and campus life. This module aligns perfectly with our mission to provide innovative solutions that empower students and institutions alike. By seamlessly integrating academic data with co-curricular opportunities, we are creating a unified digital platform that not only enhances engagement but also fosters student success at every level."

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