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Research shows that engaged students are more likely to graduate

Keep students engaged with a unified platform that streamlines communication & facilitates peer-to-peer connections in a virtual environment.


Ready Education

A better student experience for all students -
from before orientation, to graduation and beyond

Make it easy for students to connect and engage with their peers by bringing them together in one easy-to-navigate, digital environment. 

adoption rate

Tremendous Adoption Rate

connected campus-1

Connected Campus

digital comunity

Digital Community



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Tremendous Adoption Rate

Technology that’s designed to succeed

Most campus mobile apps fail because they’re difficult to navigate or lack a community component that keeps students coming back.

Campus App’s intuitive and easy-to-use mobile platform has a 90% adoption rate, and its Student Community Feed provides a private, secure place for students to interact with each other and build crucial relationships that support their success.

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Connected Campus

Create a sense of belonging among students for higher retention rates and more positive student outcomes

University students with a higher sense of belonging reported higher motivation and enjoyment in their studies.

According to a study conducted in partnership with Columbia University, students with close digital connections are likelier to stay in school.

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Active, engaged alumni long after they receive their diploma

 Institutions know the student experience doesn’t stop at graduation. But how do you keep post-grads connected to their college community after they leave campus?

The CampusGroups portal makes it easy for alumni to stay connected, network with peers, and continuously give back to their alma mater. 


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Incentivize student engagement in a fun and compelling way with Gamification

Our CampusGroups platform helps encourage student leadership and involvement in campus activities with game-style incentives that can be customized for your institution’s needs.

Create custom badges and a points-based system that shows up on a public leaderboard, so students can compete with one another for the top spots––and feel rewarded for participating in co-curricular activities that support their success. 


A-La-Carte Features Selection

Ready Education combines the functionality of more than 30 unique tools for you to easily customize the perfect one-stop shop for your student community.

Groups and membership


Empower students with powerful club and org management tools



Integrated student calendars keep students on top of their schedule



Provide students with course information when & how they need it



Take comms from reactive to proactive in the student journey



Badges, elections, surveys & more to engage students & reward success



Offer your students access to their holds, charges and payments



A comprehensive student record of activities and accomplishments

events and management


Participate in events with a seamless & secure events management tool

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Southern Maine Community College

Identifying and intervening at-risk students before it's too late

Jason Saucier, Director of Residential Life and Student Involvement

"The app has allowed us to identify and intervene with at-risk students by letting us know which students are engaging with campus activities and which ones are not."


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