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The Challenge

Developing The Right Launch Strategy.

The university team knew the key to the success of the app was having the right launch strategy, so they carefully planned a launch week that involved students from the outset. Prior to the launch, the Student Government Association were involved as well as the Student President. 
As well as a diverse range of students involved in the app content, the DSU team knew they needed to have a different launch strategy for Incoming Freshmen as well as Returning Students. 

Ready Education’s Activation Manager and Campus Success Consultant were also on-hand to provide support and suggestions for a successful launch. During Activation, they were able to share best practice launch strategies through regular catch-up meetings as well as documentation in Ready Education’s Knowledge Center. Moving forwards, DSU can look forward to webinar trainings and user groups to share their best practices with other Ready Education partners, as well as hear from other institutions.

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The Solution

A Successful Launch Week + 90% Adoption



‘DSU’s launch events were carefully planned to ensure maximum impact. To reach incoming Freshman Students, the team at DSU utilized targeting on social media to help them learn an app was available to them. Within 3 days, 90% of 1st years were on the app, which is really impressive & a testament to the promotional strategy & targeting.

Next, DSU targeted Returning Students with competitions & initiatives to help students collaborate. These competitions also helped students to be aware that the communities within the app are available as well as bringing some of the historic value of the university to the app. Competitions included selfies with the school mascot with the most liked winning. The winner of a selfie at a DSU football game would win free tickets for the Homecoming game. New & Returning Students were also able to get involved in
on-campus events at all grade level meet-ups. Staff had ‘I love DSU’ t-shirts with a QR code to download the app if students didn’t already have the app. The t-shirts were really popular.
The Student President even mentioned the app at a Board Meeting & so the app has also spread through word of mouth. 
More events to promote the app & additional features are planned throughout the term


What’s Next?

Keeping students involved will continue to be critical to the app’s success. In order to keep the students engaged, the Community experience will be staggered in an ongoing rollout.

By keeping the app fresh and innovative DSU is confident students will keep returning to the app and continuing to stay engaged.

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