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The Top 10 IT Challenges in Higher Education

By: Ready Education on 07-Sep-2023 12:07:52
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In today's rapidly evolving digital world, the integration of technology has become crucial for higher education institutions. The digital transformation in education is impacting the whole industry. From online learning platforms to student information systems, universities and schools heavily rely on information technology systems to enhance the learning experience and streamline administrative processes. However, with the benefits of technology come various challenges that IT departments in higher education must navigate. In our latest guide, we explore the top IT challenges faced by higher education institutions and provide strategies for overcoming them.

In this guide, you will find: 

  • The main 10 issues higher education institutions are facing today
  • Best practices to overcome them 
  • Concrete tools and mobile solutions to help with these challenges 

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Here’s a preview of some of these top challenges…

1. Cyber security, privacy awareness and training

Student information, social security numbers, bank account data… Everything is at risk. Learn how to protect and secure your institution’s data and update your privacy and cyber security policies.  

2. Data governance and compliance

How can you leverage data to improve your organisation and operations? Find out our best practices to capture and analyse data in a strategic way.

3. Digital integration and access

Using digital technologies to improve teaching, learning, research, administration or even student support plays a huge role in improving student success. How to achieve full, equitable digital access for students? This guide provides you with key tips to create an all-inclusive environment.

4. Digital transformation projects

Digital technologies help improve institutions’ operational efficiency, agility and institutional workforce development. How can you implement inclusive digital strategies and transform traditional systems and processes into more efficient and technology-driven models? To lead the digital transformation in education, make sure IT leadership is a full strategic partner. 

5. Offering a hybrid campus

In this post-pandemic world, building and delivering sophisticated online learning environments, virtual classrooms and advanced remote collaboration tools to facilitate flexible and high quality education is key to meeting students’ expectations. Learn how to leverage technology for frictionless student experiences. 

6. Supporting student success

Improving the student experience also includes providing an easy and intuitive way to access all the resources and tools that students need. How can you include student support in your IT strategies? Find the answer in our guide.

7. IT funding and budget constraints

Securing the adequate financial resources to invest in the needed IT infrastructure, software, hardware and skilled personnel is a key challenge for IT departments. Learn how to closely manage IT costs, risks and opportunities. 

8. Data analytics and business intelligence

The main IT issue here is to figure out how to leverage data analytics tools and techniques to gain insights, monitor performance, optimise operations and improve decision-making across all departments. Read the guide to understand how to move from data insight to data action.

9. User support and training

How can you make sure your students, faculty and staff will adopt the actions you implement to digitally transform your institution? Learn how to provide technical support, enhance their digital literacy skills and train them to make good use of educational technologies and software. 

10. IT staffing

Today, most institutions face tech hiring and retaining challenges. And at the same time, they are receiving greater demands for IT staff than ever before. How do you recruit and retain the staff you need? 


To answer the questions this article raises, download our guide Navigating the Digital Landscape: a Comprehensive Guide to Overcoming the Top IT Challenges in Higher Education”.


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