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    March 5 2024
    From the first days until graduation, the student journey is paved with excitement, discovery and challenges. To name a few: going through the information overload of the onboarding process, leaving home, adapting to a new learning environment with more autonomy, taking exams, facing academic...
    February 1 2024
    Student engagement refers to the level and quality of encouragement, support, collaborative learning and interpersonal communication that students receive throughout the student life cycle. It...
    January 29 2024
    We are thrilled to announce that Jeff Olsen has joined Ready Education as the new VP of Sales Americas.
    January 3 2024
    📣 Our Student Engagement Hub is live! The Hub is a place where we are sharing our most successful resources, testimonials, advice and best practices for engaging your students. In January, we are...
    January 2 2024
    We are excited to share the news of Steve Pawlish joining our team as Chief Technical Officer.
    December 18 2023
    The Ready Education team is beyond excited to welcome Susan McQueeny-Scholes as our new Chief Marketing Officer.
    November 23 2023
    On November 20th, we hosted a webinar in partnership with UCISA and the University of Birmingham. Our objective was to address the growing European student crisis. To meet this goal, Cherry Doyle,...
    November 13 2023
    Our student crisis series is coming to an end! In our last article, we will focus on the student housing crisis. We’ll see how it impacts student well-being and engagement and we’ll share concrete...
    November 6 2023
    “The cost of living crisis has brought students to their knees, with almost a third living off £50 a month after paying rent and bills1”. One of the aspects of the student crisis we’ve been talking...
    November 3 2023
    We are delighted to share the exciting news of Jean Teillon joining our team as Chief Product Officer.
    October 30 2023
    Mental health decline, miscommunication, increasing academic pressure… We have observed a number of alarming trends in the higher education sector over the past few years. And it’s not over. Student...
    October 26 2023
    We are absolutely delighted to introduce Chris Sanders as Ready Education's new Chief Financial Officer.
    October 23 2023
    Our student crisis series continues. Today, we will focus on academic pressure. How is it affecting student mental health, outcomes and engagement? Read more below.
    October 16 2023
    Welcome to the third chapter of our student crisis series. This week, we’ll talk about miscommunication. How can institutions implement the right student information system and strategy to meet...
    October 9 2023
    Last week, we introduced the student crisis happening all across Europe. We’ll be diving into the different aspects of this crisis over the next couple of months. Our focus for today: student mental...
    October 6 2023
    We recently released figures highlighting a number of alarming trends within the Higher Education sector, suggesting an emerging student crisis across Europe. We identified six main areas that...
    September 21 2023
    We are thrilled to announce that we have a new Chief Client Officer (CCO) joining the Ready Education team: Antoine (Andy) Kearney!
    September 7 2023
    In today's rapidly evolving digital world, the integration of technology has become crucial for higher education institutions. The digital transformation in education is impacting the whole industry....
    August 25 2023
    How can the school leadership team improve processes and operations to build the most engaging and enriching student experience possible?
    August 21 2023
    Communication and transparency are vital factors that contribute to the overall student experience.
    August 11 2023
    Student well-being has become a top priority in recent years. What strategies can you implement to promote student well-being?
    August 7 2023
    Foster a sense of community and engagement to enhance the student experience in higher education.
    August 1 2023
    Today marks an important milestone in the history of Ready Education. We’re excited to announce the appointment of our new Chief Executive Officer, Jim Brigadier.
    July 31 2023
    How academic excellence is linked to more than just high grades and outstanding performance.
    July 24 2023
    The enrolment process is the first step in a student's academic journey. Here are ways to improve the process and student experience.
    July 11 2023
    Discover the key elements to boost student engagement and enhance your institution's digital transformation strategies for a better student experience.
    June 30 2023
    On Thursday, June 29, 2023, we hosted a webinar on how to better engage your students with an enhanced first-year experience. You’ll find in this article the key elements of the discussion we had...
    June 15 2023
    How can you provide the best student career support possible to prepare your students for their professional futures? As a higher education institution, it is your responsibility to support students...
    May 24 2023
    The first year is critical to engage your students in the long-term. Make sure you provide them with an experience that will encourage them to stay and enjoy their studies by giving them the tools...
    May 24 2023
    As a higher education institution, how can you deliver a service that students can both enjoy and succeed in? Learn how to engage them before they even start their academic journey and ensure they...
    May 3 2023
    The end-of-year exams are coming. Stress, lack of sleep, anxiety… Students (and institutions!) are put to the test during this most demanding time of the year. You are responsible for preparing them...
    May 2 2023
    Hours of study, working on assignments, taking exams, planning their professional future… Being a student is not always easy! How can you improve your student support services?
    April 10 2023
    Why are your students coming to study in your institution? What makes them stay and graduate? How do they become successful professionals? In the answers to these questions, we can find one common...
    April 4 2023
    This probably won’t come as a shock, but email no longer seems to be the most effective way of communicating with students. The average open rate of emails in education is just over 30%. As the open...
    April 3 2023
    Alumni engagement is one of the best ways for institutions to maintain and nurture relationships with previous graduates to build a strong professional network. Alumni engagement strategies should...
    March 29 2023
    Recently, we have seen the introduction of many digital tools within the education sector. Some can be used to solve the main communication challenges higher education institutions are facing.
    March 27 2023
    Why write about mental health in higher education The mental health and well-being of young people in Europe is a high concern. In Europe, 40% of students experience mental health issues and...
    March 1 2023
    Student mental health is at the heart of today’s concerns in higher education. Indeed, the rising drop-out rates as well as the anxiety and depressive symptoms are increasing. Factors such as the...
    March 1 2023
    Mental health and well-being are essential to a happy and healthy student life. Students face stress and pressure on a daily basis, and their mental health can suffer greatly because of it.
    February 28 2023
    It can be hard for institutions to develop a modern communication strategy that meets their goals. As a matter of fact:
    February 27 2023
    As we are starting a new year, we are all facing cold, fatigue, the aftermath of Christmas euphoria… February is hard on all of us, students included. What do they need to stay motivated until the...
    February 14 2023
    Only 14% of students in the UK report having low anxiety. This is what a study of postgraduate researchers at more than 100 institutions shows. Also, a survey by the Association for University and...
    February 7 2023
    Student engagement is vital for a successful educational journey. An engaged student is likelier to thrive in a learning environment as they are interested, involved, and focused in their studies.
    January 31 2023
    A lot is expected of students throughout their time in college. After the initial buzz of starting life in further education, the challenge for the institution is to ensure their students remain...
    January 4 2023
    The challenges institutions face in providing an experience that both attracts and retains students constantly evolve. Today's students are the most technologically advanced in the history of...
    December 19 2022
    Improving Student Retention rates is vital for institutions. An alarming number of students don't make it to their graduation after dropping out of college or university, usually within the first...
    November 28 2022
    Student Retention is a huge challenge in the lead-up to the December break. Data has shown that institutions report increased student dropout rates after the holidays. There are many reasons why...
    November 10 2022
    As a Higher Education institution, one of your main objectives should be to contribute to the success of all your students but how do you achieve it in today’s post-pandemic education?
    September 23 2022
    You are most likely aware that when an institution utilises the student voice it leads to great things for both you and your students. The University of Huddersfield is just one of the most...
    September 22 2022
    This may not come as a surprise, but the more students are engaged with the institution and the learning community, the more likely they are to succeed. However, establishing a culture of engagement...
    August 30 2022
    This probably won’t come as a shock, but email no longer seems to be the most effective way of communicating with students. The average open rate of emails in education is just over 30% at this...
    August 30 2022
    Students are the lifeblood of education and it is vital that they are engaged throughout their time at university. An engaged student is someone who is connected, invested and passionate about...
    August 25 2022
    Author: Anthony Phillips, Country Manager UK @ Ready Education Higher Education has always been one of the most interesting industries to me, which is one of the reasons I joined Ready Education at...