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The MARCOM solution that centralises and streamlines communications, provides student data and engagement metrics, and promotes campus-wide community engagement. 

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Streamline communication with students

Communication at institutions can often be decentralised or fragmented. Marcom teams often use multiple systems and methods to communicate with students and need to ensure consistency in their messaging.  

Streamline communication processes by utilising one centralised app that students will use on a daily basis. Utilise in-app alerts, push notifications, banners and other communication tools to deliver information in an easy format that will engage students.

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Direct and targeted communication

Devising impactful campaigns that attract and engage multiple target audiences can be challenging for Marcoms teams. It can be difficult to target specific groups within the student population, such as prospective students, pre-enrolled students and alumni.

Ready Education provides a direct and personalised communication channel between Marcoms teams and students. It allows for targeted messaging, announcements, and updates tailored to specific groups or segments of students. This enables Marcoms teams to deliver relevant information and promotions directly to the intended audience, increasing the effectiveness of their communication efforts.

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Improve brand awareness

By effectively communicating the institution's values, achievements, and opportunities, Marcomms teams can shape a positive perception among students and stakeholders. A strong institutional reputation attracts prospective students, fosters loyalty among current students, and enhances the institution's overall brand image.

Ready Education provides a dedicated platform for promoting the institution's brand, events, programs, and services. Marcoms teams can utilise the platform to reinforce the institution's identity, showcase its strengths, and create a cohesive brand experience for students. Consistent branding and targeted marketing messages through the platform contribute to increased brand awareness among students.


Improve student engagement

Students aren't engaging with emails or reading news on institution websites, meaning important messages are going unread. Mobile apps have become an integral part of students' lives, and they often prefer using apps for accessing information and staying connected. Having a dedicated app increases the likelihood of students engaging with your communication materials, resulting in higher reach and improved student engagement with marketing campaigns. 

Utilise push notifications to send timely reminders, important updates, and event notifications directly to students' devices. This ensures that students receive time-sensitive information promptly, reducing the risk of missed deadlines or events. Push notifications help to keep students informed and engaged, boosting their participation in campus activities and initiatives.

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