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    November 23 2023
    On November 20th, we hosted a webinar in partnership with UCISA and the University of Birmingham. Our objective was to address the growing European student crisis. To meet this goal, Cherry Doyle, Product Owner at the University of Birmingham, shared concrete initiatives they have implemented...
    November 6 2023
    “The cost of living crisis has brought students to their knees, with almost a third living off £50 a month after paying rent and bills1”. One of the aspects of the student crisis we’ve been talking...
    October 23 2023
    Our student crisis series continues. Today, we will focus on academic pressure. How is it affecting student mental health, outcomes and engagement? Read more below.
    June 15 2023
    How can you provide the best student career support possible to prepare your students for their professional futures? As a higher education institution, it is your responsibility to support students...
    May 3 2023
    The end-of-year exams are coming. Stress, lack of sleep, anxiety… Students (and institutions!) are put to the test during this most demanding time of the year. You are responsible for preparing them...
    May 2 2023
    Hours of study, working on assignments, taking exams, planning their professional future… Being a student is not always easy! How can you improve your student support services?
    March 1 2023
    Mental health and well-being are essential to a happy and healthy student life. Students face stress and pressure on a daily basis, and their mental health can suffer greatly because of it.
    September 22 2022
    This may not come as a surprise, but the more students are engaged with the institution and the learning community, the more likely they are to succeed. However, establishing a culture of engagement...