How can schools impact retention by using technology to help students feel they belong?

When students are engaged and feel that they belong at their school, they benefit from wide-ranging positive effects. They tend to use school resources at higher rates, experience better mental health, earn higher GPAs, and graduate at higher rates.

However, each student’s situation is different and it’s not always easy for them to engage with their school or their peers. Likewise, it can be difficult for institutions to identify students who are disengaged and intervene with the right resources before it’s too late.

In this on demand webinar, Post University, San Jose State University, and Ready Education will discuss specific strategies they’ve developed for increasing student engagement, identifying disengaged students, and intervening with support at just the right time.

What You'll Learn:

  • The key elements for boosting student engagement and helping students feel like they belong
  • The crucial role mobile technology and applications can play in providing equitable opportunities for on-campus, fully-online, and commuter students to engage with each other and campus life.
  • How Post University and San Jose State University are using mobile technology today to support their students holistically, and how this kind of support has helped them increase student retention.