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Ready to work with Leadership teams

We empower leadership with the right information at the right time. Gain access to insightful centralised data to get a better understanding of  how your institution is performing, discover the most fruitful methods of engagement and ways to further increase retention and success on campus.

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Enhance the reputation of your institution

A strong institutional reputation attracts talented faculty, students, and external partnerships, contributing to the overall success and recognition of the institution.

By embracing a student experience platform, leadership teams can demonstrate the institution's commitment to innovation and technological advancement. It positions your institution as forward-thinking, adapting to the changing digital landscape and leveraging technology to enhance the student experience. This portrayal of innovation contributes to both the internal and external reputation of the institution as modern and progressive.

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Cater to multiple student and staff groups

At any institution it can be challenging to prioritise and account for so many different types of students and staff. Institutions typically have a diverse student body and staff, comprising individuals from different age groups, cultural backgrounds and academic disciplines. Catering to the unique requirements and expectations of each group can be complex, as their preferences and needs may differ significantly.

Ready Education provides granular audience targeting to individual users, groups or roles across the platform, so students and staff see the right content at the right time. Extend your reach further and communicate with students at every stage of their journey, from prospective students all the way through to Alumni.

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Improve student satisfaction and retention

By prioritising student satisfaction and retention, leadership teams can create an environment that supports student success and ensures the long-term viability of the institution. Higher levels of engagement and retention reflect positively on the university's reputation and indicate a vibrant and supportive learning environment.

Ready Education offers a seamless experience for students by centralising all of the services and information students need in their academic life. Ensure students have access to the support and resources they need that will ultimately impact their development and success at your institution. 

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Provide the best student experience

A positive student experience enhances student engagement, motivation, and satisfaction, leading to improved learning outcomes and higher rates of student success.

Ready Education improves the student experience by offering a platform dedicated to students, helping them better manage their campus life and academic activities. Students can access important academic information on their smartphones and keep up to date with their institution in just a few clicks. Create an environment that supports students' academic, personal, and professional development, all in one place.

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Learn about the Power of a Mobile Communication Strategy

Learn how centralising communication via a campus-wide mobile platform helped McGill improve their first-year student experience while saving 250 hours of staff time.



Identifying & intervening at-risk students before it's too late

"The app has allowed us to identify and intervene with at-risk students by letting us know which students are engaging with campus activities and which ones are not."



Community Portal Strengthens Campus Connections & Engagement

LHU needed an all-in-one community engagement platform. Due to the university’s structure, the system had to be highly customisable.

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