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Best-in-class organisational software to manage all of campus life

Our solutions streamline the management of student groups & organisations, simplifying event planning and ticketing processes, automating workflows, and consolidating all your systems into one.

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Student Services

Easily communicate with students

Communicating important information in a timely manner is essential for student services teams. However, students may have different schedules and time constraints, and emails may not always get read, meaning students can miss crucial announcements.

Ready Education provides a direct and convenient method of communication between student services teams and students. Important announcements, updates, deadlines, and notifications can be communicated quickly and effectively through push notifications or in-app alerts. This improves the speed and efficiency of communication, reducing the likelihood of missed information and increasing student engagement.

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Student Services

Centralised access to resources

Students are often unaware of the resources, services and tools that are available to them and where they can be accessed. This can mean that more time and effort is spent locating these resources, and in some cases, incorrect or outdated information can be found.

With Ready Education, students can easily find relevant, up-to-date information about academic support, career services, counseling, health services and more, all in one place. This simplifies the process of seeking assistance or accessing resources, saving time and effort for both students and the student services team.

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Student Services

Support tailored to student needs

Student Services teams often work with students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. Each student may have unique needs, challenges, and expectations. Balancing these diverse needs while providing the correct support can be challenging.

With Ready Education, you can offer targeted resources and dashboards based on the student's academic program and stage of their educational journey. This personalised approach helps students navigate their university experience more effectively and maximises the impact of the support provided by the student services team.

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Student Services

Obtain critical feedback

By actively collecting feedback, student services teams can enhance the quality and impact of their support, resulting in a better student experience. 

Easily create and send in-app surveys to gain critical insights into student life and which areas might be challenging for students. By understanding students' experiences and needs, student services can proactively implement measures to enhance student engagement, satisfaction, and overall success.

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Identifying & intervening at-risk students before it's too late

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Community Portal Strengthens Campus Connections & Engagement

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