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Ready to work with Finance and CFOs

Ready Education's centralised solutions eliminate the need for disparate systems and spot solutions, saving costs, enhancing efficiency, and freeing up valuable resources.
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Finance and CFOs

Centralise systems and cut costs

Ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of the university is a significant challenge for CFOs. Rising costs, including salaries, facilities, technology, and research expenditures, often outpace revenue growth, so managing resources effectively can help to maintain financial stability.

By digitising processes and reducing paper-based workflows, our solution can provide cost savings to your institution by streamlining administrative operations, optimising resource allocation, and minimising printing and mailing costs.

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Improve financial transparency with students

Consolidating and presenting financial information in a clear and understandable manner for students can be challenging. Provide students with real-time access to their financial information, including balances and transactions, all within one app. 

This transparency fosters a better understanding of financial obligations and can help students make informed decisions regarding their finances. It also reduces the need for manual inquiries and improves the efficiency of financial aid processes.

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Enhance communication and engagement with students

Providing financial information to students in a timely and relevant manner is essential for institutions. However, it can be difficult to deliver this type of information in a simple format that will capture the attention of students.

Our solution can serve as a communication channel between your institution and students. CFOs can leverage the platform to send important financial updates, announcements, and reminders. This improves communication and engagement with students, ensuring they stay informed about financial matters.

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Contribute to your sustainability goals

By digitising and automating processes through our solution, CFOs can achieve cost savings through reduced paper usage, manual data entry, and administrative overhead. This contributes to sustainability efforts and can align with any commitments to environmental responsibility an institution may have.

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