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How to Support Your Students Through Times of Stress?

By: Ready Education on 02-May-2023 09:38:30
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Hours of study, working on assignments, taking exams, planning their professional future… Being a student is not always easy! How can you improve your student support services?

Here Is an Infographic to Help Your Students Face Stress Throughout Their Studies

A 2022 Gallup and Lumina Foundation study* has shown that “41% of students enrolled in a post-secondary education program have considered “stopping out” in the past six months.” And “55% of students who have considered stopping out cite emotional stress as a reason why.”

Download our infographic to find out about how to provide better student support through technology during times of stress.

Finding all the information during the onboarding process, adapting to a new living environment, finding their first internship, studying for exams, thinking about their career… From their first days until they graduate, learn how to guide your students best and help them succeed.


Download Infographic


Key Tips to Reduce Student Stress

In addition to the infographic, we wanted to share with you in this article some of our key tips to reduce student stress:

  • Provide health and wellbeing advice through tough exam periods: 
    • Get enough sleep
    • Exercise regularly
    • Eat well
    • Don't rely on stimulants
    • Set realistic expectations
    • Avoid procrastinating
    • Identify a stress outlet. Participating in the campus community can help release pressure and feel less alone (events, peer-to-peer interactions, study sessions...)
    • If you have any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to the institution's staff.
  • Use technology to identify at-risk students and intervene in time. Set up a system to automatically connect students with the resources they need to solve a specific issue.
  • Provide an intuitive, personalised student experience with a centralised system. Integrate all resources and information in one same digital environment students can easily access through their smartphone, which is the object they spend the most time using.
  • Implement student support programs to provide opportunities for academic development, assist students with basic university requirements and motivate them toward successfully completing their studies.
  • Raise teachers' awareness and insist on their role to help students in stressful times. Here are a few things they can do to support students: 
    • Discussing their fear and anxiety with them
    • Preparing them for the different exam topics
    • Creating with them a schedule for the test preparation
    • Etc.

To learn more about how to leverage technology to support your students through times of stress, download our infographic!

* Source: Survey lead in the US college campuses.