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The Importance of the Student Voice

By: Ready Education on 22-Sep-2022 06:40:46
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This may not come as a surprise, but the more students are engaged with the institution and the learning community, the more likely they are to succeed. However, establishing a culture of engagement is easier said than done. Luckily there is a multitude of ways institutions can implement student engagement and harnessing the student voice is the perfect place to start. The student voice is one of the most important aspects in the community of learning and a benefit to both the institution and the students.


If an institution listens to the voice of the student and hears what they have to say it creates an environment of understanding and respect. Providing platforms for student’s have their voices heard strengthens their sense of belonging, and builds a connection with the institution. This connection between student and institution is key in utilising the student voice and creating open communication.

Utilising the student voice and ensuring students have regular opportunities to share their concerns and needs is integral in delivering a high-quality student experience. Using bodies like student unions and services plays a vital role in creating a community where students have a place to use their voice, and provide feedback.

The feedback gathered within these communities through the student voice results in valuable information for the institutions. The information provided can then be used to help improve the student experience and many different aspects within the institution.

…and learn

Listening and learning from the student voice allows institutions and student bodies to receive and analyse up-to-date student feedback. This feedback then helps keep you informed of the needs of the students, which in turn allows you to improve, refine and make educated decisions toward all institutional processes.

Gathering information from your students about their learning experience is a valuable way to assess your teaching methods. Using the correct communication platform institutions can reach out to students for essential feedback on important issues.

Nowadays the majority of students have 24/7 access to a mobile device. So making sure mobile-friendly opportunities are available for students to make their voices heard is vital. Their feedback can be then gathered by the use of channels such as:


A mobile-first personalised experience can help you meet and exceed all student expectations, without a heavy lift from your staff. Read all about it in our latest guide: Harnessing Your Student Voice