Why Email Doesn't Work

According to a recent study, less than 50% of students read emails from their institution, yet most universities almost exclusively rely on email for communicating with students – the Email Paradox.

How can we improve student success and retention if we can’t reliably communicate with students? It starts with solving the Email Paradox by engaging with new technology solutions and rethinking how you communicate with students on your campus.

During this webinar, we’ll discuss how improving the way you communicate with students can help you keep those students engaged and more likely to succeed. You’ll learn that even if you’re not in the IT department, you can still use the right tech to ensure a positive experience that keeps students coming back semester after semester.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why email no longer works as a primary communication strategy.
  • How email communication is exacerbating the problems your institution is trying so hard to solve.
  • Specific ways Shenandoah University used mobile technology to increase student engagement and graduation rates for their students.
  • How to create impactful, quick wins for your students with a mobile app in just a couple of months, without a heavy lift from your staff.